Systems Integration


Novasoft offers its capacity and experience in multisectorial development projects. It also provides specialised professionals who will implement them or participate at specific stages.

Our technological solutions are scalable, flexible and multichannel thanks to the application of the latest data interchange standards aimed at any kind of public and private agencies.

Due to the high qualification of our professionals we can adapt the software solutions to any kind of architecture, integrating the data of the old applications with the new application provided by Novasoft.

The Information Technologies and Communications are suffering important changes due to the new opportunities and needs emerging from Internet. Novasoft is an ally for the organisations that are in the process of adapting to the new models of communication and to the new ways of doing business.

Novasoft aim is to line up its clients´strategy with the new model of economy, using new channels of communication to reduce the existing distance from the potential commercial market. Novasoft offers the following services.

Tailor-made Information Systems.

  • Design, Development and Implementation of Applications.

IP Solutions.

  • Creativity and Management of Contents.
  • Portals and Websites
  • Corporate Information Systems
  • High Performance Systems
  • Intranets & Extranets
  • Publications and e-Marketing Systems
  • CMS. Content Management Systems
  • e-Business Solutions

Free Software Solutions 

  • Design, development and implementation custom

Implementation of Software

  • Installation and Integration of Applications

Technological Support

  • Manpower.

Knowledge transfer

  • Design, Development and Implementation made to measure.

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