Networks and Communications


The security of the Information Systems is closely linked to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information dealt with by the computers and communication networks. Their information and systems are valuable and important assets for the companies and institutions.

Our team, specialised on hardware platforms and telecommunications, is constantly updating its knowledge to be able to apply the most advanced technologies and to build up secure, scalable and built-in systems architectures.

We offer you:

Hosting and Housing.

Systems Engineering and Communications

Engineering (infrastructure and development).
Systems and Communications Analysis and Diagnosis.

Equipment of technological infrastructure. 

  • Hardware. 
  • Communications, Architectures and Networks.

Voice Integration and data.

Communication Networks and Telecommunications.


  • Software elements. 
  • Corporate wireless Networks Solutions. 
  • IP Voice Networks Solutions. 
  • WiFi Networks, SMS messanger.
  • Development and Maintanaince of Public Terminals Management Centers.

External Software, Base Software, Functional Coverage, Database.

Communications Architecture. 

Public Terminals Management Centers (PTMC). 


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