Novasoft offers to companies a comprehensive service that meets their needs in training. Our work focuses on developing and improving the skills, competence and safety of workers to encourage business development, productivity and corporate profits by optimizing the skills and efficiency of their workers..

We develop training programs and technical skills that give coverage to companies interested in improving the management of human resources. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers, based on our extensive portfolio of products and service lines in training.

Also, aware of the constant rise of technologies and their integration at all levels and processes in the company, Novasoft has its own training platform, with a wide range of content in an online format that combines classroom and non-attendance training. This blended learning model has a number of advantages and direct benefits to organizations in terms of cost, time and location.


As training and certification consultants, we go beyond the mere achievement of formation objectives. We establish a collaborative relationship and comprehensive services to our clients that allow us to: Know the needs in terms of formation and certification of all employees.

  • Advise on the design of training and certification plan that best fits your requirements.
  • Incorporate a high degree of value to our offerings in both product and service that makes true differential.
  • Monitor training activity to ensure maximum utilization and return on investment.
  • Ensure the quality of our training and certification services, both technical and pedagogical.

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