Business Solutions


Mobility Solutions:

Novasoft wide experience in the development of mobile solutions “key in hands”, covers every stage in the establishment of those solutions: previous consultancy, specification, design, development, supporting their deployment and maintenance. This, using and combining the different available mobility technologies as for:

  • Types of devices: mobile phones, PDAs, Tablet PC, hybrid devices PDA/Tablet PC – Telephone).
  • Transmission Networks: GSM/GPRS, Wireless LAN (802,11),...
  • Types of data transfer: SMS (short messages), MMS (Multimedia messages), WAP, Programmable Client (for instance, J2ME).

Management Solutions:

  • SIGNova. Management Integrated System.
  • Novaconsultant. On-line Consultancy.
  • Novadocument. Document Manager.
  • Novabusiness. Business Management System.
  • Knowledge Management System.
  • Sales Strengths Integrated System.
  • Quality Management System. QNOVA.
  • Work Related Risk Prevention Management System.

Teletraining Tecnology Solutions:

  • LMS for e-learning.
  • E-LearnCMS, Author Tool. E-learning Content Manager.



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