Novasoft as the ideal partner to promote the development of innovative services

The simplification of procedures in public administration, and modernization of services adapted to this new scenario involving a laborious process in which such companies as Novasoft is essential to advise, propose solutions and the management of change.

Novasoft is a global company that was awarded the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence and employs more than 800 highly qualified professionals with experience in the development and implementation of large projects around the national scene.

The organization, with its own offices in Malaga, Seville, Tenerife, Jaen, Murcia, Mérida and Toledo, has been steadily growing since 2000 and has managed to adapt its structure to a related diversification strategy that is the value printed today to all its actions. This structure is able to adapt to the needs of all types of government and to react quickly, covering all processes involved in change management, from consulting to developing, implementing and maintaining the best possible solutions to the needs raised.

These particular facts make Novasoft the ideal partner for the government to decide to make the leap and offer its citizens a fast answer, simple and accessible to their main demands. Only a formula which combines ingredients such as technology, methodologies, knowledge, innovation and excellence can become a guarantee of success in transforming the regional administration and promote the development of innovative municipalities.



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