Novasoft has successfully concluded a deep transformation process towards the World of value services: consulting, training, and project management. These services become, therefore, the core business of the company and they rest on the following activity sectors: Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies, E-learning, Processes Methodology (EFQM, ISO), Geomarketing and Information Security.

The main reason that has moved us towards the re-focus of our value chain is the idea of positioning ourselves in more attractive and cost-effective spaces, always through clear strategies of competitive improvement, differentiation and related diversification. Thus, the world of value services is one of Novasoft’s core challenges.


We are certain and sure of having successfully become the major provider in the knowledge-based Service Economy. In the past, Novasoft had mainly focused on software development, and had been clearly oriented towards the product. However, now Novasoft has shifted towards the value services sector, where we have acquired a large amount of experience in the last years.

The fact that the services sector represents the driving force of the developed economies is irrefutable. Indeed, the level of developed and applied innovation in this activity sector is relatively incipient, and, therefore, there’s still much to do… This is a real opportunity that Novasoft is taking good advantage of, always using its current competitive position as a cornerstone.


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