Public Administration


Novasoft’s Target Customer par excellence is, unquestionably, the Public Administration, where we are focused in an almost exclusive way.

When we talk about the Public Administration, we include: National Administration, Regional Administration, Local Administration and all the Public Companies and the Administration’s dependent bodies.

In Novasoft, we value all the knowledge and experience that we have accumulated throughout the company’s history in relation with the Administration with its providers. We know how to act and we know the procedure perfectly, thus we are directly and clearly positioned before our main client.

Our main purpose is, therefore, become the Public Administration’s main provider. We know very well, in our experience, how to work on the sales process and the operations with the Administration, interacting with all the decision levels. We think that the best way of achieving our purposes is to anticipate to the needs and to align the socio-political, economical and technical interests.

We have also implemented all the opportune mechanisms so that the company can work in a coordinated manner, oriented to any and all the projects, both commercial and operative, which helps us making very competitive technical offers, adjusted at all times to the expectations and real needs of the Administration.


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