Managing Director Statement


Sustainability is a term that has become fashionable in recent times. Basically we could say that a company is sustainable when it is capable of covering the expectations of the majority of its stakeholders, workers, customers, shareholders, suppliers, creditors, trade unions, public institutions and society. Only in this way can we affirm that Novasoft has the sustainable label. Until now we have achieved it according to the results achieved on all levels.

Novasoft also maintains a triple account of positive results. I refer to the concept coined by John Elkington (the Triple Bottom Line “TBL" y/o "3BL“). It is for this reason that Novasoft demonstrates the three aspects. That is to say, economical, environmental and social.

We are in a time when the big fish no longer eats the small one but when the fast one eats the slow one.For this reason a company´s size is not a competitive factor in itself.All this is due to the fact that we are immersed in the universe 2.0 and companies must change the chip concerning how to develop and carry out their strategies in this New Distributed Economy(NDE), where the main challenges are how to achieve new customers and to increase brand awareness without using old channels that have less and less followers. The “googlelization” of everything, the Wikis,blogs, and the growing power of bloggers, the smart phone revolution, the new Apple devices and their social importance. For all of the above reasons the company that does not adapt or see this new social and economic reality will finish up disappearing and its place will be taken by another player that will dominate this new NDE scene. Novasoft has clear ideas: in order to be economically sustainable it has to bet on perpetual innovation. Strategic formula and good management are fundamental pillars of sustainability because they are guarantors of results and value creation despite setbacks (crisis and other unthinkables). To maintain in constant renewal the competitive and comparative advantages as a vector of competition.

Finally I am reminded of the definition that Brundtland (the 3-times Norwegian Prime Minister) made about the concept of sustainability :” to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising/sacrificing the needs of future generations to satisfy their own demands”.

D. Francisco Barrinuevo Canto

Chief Executive of Novasoft.



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