Jiménez narrates in ‘El pésimo actor mexicano’ a deep reflection on “how to understand life” Manuel Alcántara


The director and poet present in the headquarters of the Manuel Álcantara Foundation the film which will compete in the Documenta Madrid 20011 international festival. The film, which sees the debut of Novasoft in audiovisual production shows Manuel Álcantara up close, “a person far from his public character and which only his children, grandchildren and closest friends can see”

“When a clear mind like Manuel Álcantara´s reaches into its memory anybody can enter fully in its world, and there is where the magic of the documentary is found” which is no other thing but “submerging yourself in a reality and choosing how to tell it in the best way possible”. This is how the director Manuel Jiménez defines ‘El pésimo actor mexicano’, an approach to the figure of Manuel Álcantara, poet and columnist, in the form of a feature-length documentary which will be premiered in the eighth edition of the Documenta Madrid 2011 International Festival and which has been presented today by both the director and the star in the headquarters of the foundation named after the Málaga author.

According to Jiménez the film, with which Novasoft debuts as an audiovisual producer, shows Manuel Álcantara up close, “a person far from his public character and which only his children, grandchildren and closest friends can see”, but at the same time tells a universal story of a person who independently of everything he has achieved during his career and aside from the character he has created, reflects with tremendous clarity on various everyday questions up to the point that the documentary itself “is a deep reflection on what living( and not life) means for Manuel Álcantara”.

‘El pésimo actor mexicano’ is the third work as a director of Manuel Jiménez and the third title (after ‘La aldea perdida’ y ‘Hombres de sal’) which he manages to place amongst the most relevant on a national scale which are shown in the annual meeting in Madrid. It is also the first title that Novasoft launches as an audiovisual producer, a year and a half after entrusting the management of the Audiovisual area to Jiménez.The managing director of Novasoft, Francisco Barrionuevo, who attended the film´s presentation has highlighted the work carried out by all the team in order to achieve this result and is confident that in the future other companies and institutions can follow in the same direction and support the making of documentaries, a genre that is more and more in demand in a society that is keen to know and understand “the different realities that surround us”. Barrionuevo is pleased that Novasoft´s first work in this area has Manuel Álcantara as a main figure as he considers him to be “a master, teacher and a friend” above all and a figure that does not need to be vindicated but does “need to be cared for on a daily basis” so that “we do not forget who we are and all the talent we have surrounding us”.

The film, which moves away from Manuel Jiménez´s previous Works, maintains an “argumental” relationship and goes further in the exploration of risky narrative language, seeing as “it is not as theatrical” as the two previous Works. In any case, the work evokes many images which “without the need of showing them, appear by themselves” and includes many surprises such as unpublished anecdotes of times when journalism “was human” or the only tune that appears in the film, a poem by Álcantara put to music and sung by the flamenco singer, Maite Martín.

The Documenta Madrid 2011 international festivals holds its eighth edition from the 6th to the 15th of May and will show a total of 60 films from 26 different countries, chosen from more than 1100 candidates. Jiménez´s film will compete against the winners of two Goya awards, Santiago Zannou (‘El truco del manco’) who will present ‘La puerta de no retorno’, and Lucina Gil (‘El hombre feliz’) who will premiere ‘Los amores difíciles’ in the competition. The Málaga director, however, already knows what it is to win this festival because his first work, ‘La aldea perdida’ won the highest award in the feature-length category in 2007 and two years later repeated this success by winning second prize with ‘Hombres de sal’.

From left to  right the film's director Manuel Jimenez, president of the  Foundation Manuel Alcántara Teodoro Leon Gross, the President  of Novasoft Francisco Barrionuevo and journalist Manuel Alcántara.The presentation of the film has convened numerous specialized media as we can see in the picture.

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