The first documentary produced by Novasoft about Manuel Álcantara chosen amongst the ten best of the year by Documenta Madrid.


The film, entitled ‘El pésimo actor mexicano’, goes over the personal and professional career of the Málaga columnist and poet with a risky and innovative narrative speech. Ava Gadner and Umbral, the boxer and Di Stéfano, dry Martini and scrambled eggs with ham appear in the camera of the director Manuel Jiménez, autor of prize-winning films like ‘La aldea perdida’ or ‘Hombres de sal’.

The prestigious competition Documenta Madrid has included this year in the official feature-length section the film ‘El pésimo actor mexicano’, directed by the Málaga director Manuel Jiménez and with which Novasoft debuts as an audiovisual producer. The feature-length documentary, which will compete against nine other titles, uses a risky narrative to go over the personal and professional career of the poet and columnist Manuel Álcantara, one of the most important literary and journalism figures in the country.

Through names such as Ava Gadner, Di Stéfano or Francisco Umbral, from sports and passions such as boxing or dry Martini, the living memory of the most difficult decade of Spanish journalism erupts onto the screen and overflows with the words of Álcantara, whose figure is related to the title of the film.

The Documenta Madrid 2011 international festivals holds its eighth edition from the 6th to the 15th of May and will show a total of 60 films from 26 different countries, chosen from more than 1100 candidates. Jiménez´s film will compete against the winners of two Goya awards, Santiago Zannou (‘El truco del manco’) who will present ‘La puerta de no retorno’, and Lucina Gil (‘El hombre feliz’) who will premiere ‘Los amores difíciles’ in the competition. The Málaga director, however, already knows what it is to win this festival because his first work, ‘La aldea perdida’ won the highest award in the feature-length category in 2007 and two years later repeated this success by winning second prize with ‘Hombres de sal’.

Novasoft and the Manuel Álcantara Foundation will present the documentary about the author to the media next Tuesday. The film´s star will attend the act and will answer the media´s questions and more details about the film will be revealed during the act.



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