Novaschool and the Málaga School of Nursing sign an agreement to make access to private centres easier for members.


The managing director of the educational company, Francisco Barrionuevo, and the School of Nursing´s president, Juan Antonio Astorga, have set the basis of a cooperation agreement which will cover more areas and begins with a set of advantages for the education of the School of Nursing members´children

Novaschool and the Official Málaga School of Nursing have signed a one-year temporary agreement to make access to Novaschool Añoreta y Novaschool Benalmádena( in this case, to the 2nd cycle of Early Learning) easier for School of Nursing members´children. The aforementioned agreement, signed by the Novaschool managing director, Francisco Barrionuevo, and the Official Málaga School of Nursing president, Juan Antonio Astorga, hopes to create synergy between the education centres and the School of Nursing with the intention that all those registered in the School can enroll their children in Novaschool schools with advantageous conditions.

These advantages include special conditions in the initial enrollment fee as well as afterschool activities for both students and parents who can benefit from a made-to-measure training programme.

During the signing of the agreement, held in the headquarters of the Official School of Nursing, both the School president and the Novasoft managing director have analyzed the education system from different angles and have commented on the education model of Novaschool centres ( and the bet on new technology, excellence, languages, healthy eating and sport that Novasoft has promoted since the beginning of its education project.


Francisco Barrionuevo and Juan Antonio Astorga.A moment of signing the agreement.


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