Novasoft is committed to young entrepreneurs by entering the shareholders of Insecta, the Spin off winning award of UMA in 2006


The company continues its strategy of unrelated diversification seizing 24% of the company founded by two graduates in Biology, who have won several awards for their research on ecological pest control. In its clients’ portfolio, there’s the group RBO Editors and last year an investigation was launched to eradicate red palm weevil, which destroys the palm trees of various municipalities of Costa del Sol.

The Novasoft Company acquired 24% of the Insecta Company, a project devised by two graduates in Biology from the University of Malaga in 2006 and, in that same year, one of the prizes Spin Off of the academic institution was awarded to the most innovative business initiatives. With this bet, NOVASOFT maintains its support to young entrepreneurs and is continuing its strategy of unrelated diversification, entering in different markets of several companies united by a common denominator: the innovation.

Insecta, located in Malaga, is a company specialized in the study and pests research control through ecological methods and advises several public institutions about the prevention and eradication of insects that can damage the ecosystem and alter the natural profile of a municipality with biological solutions and which are also respectful to the environment. Among such solutions, for example, there is a final solution to the performance of the so-called 'red weevil', an insect capable of devouring palm trees causing irreparable damage, which  appeared last year in various towns of the Costa del Sol, as Fuengirola and Marbella.

The promoters of Insecta, Maria Roa and Emilio Gonzálvez have several projects in the portfolio of R & D to prevent other insect pests in different crops and study their movements and behavior patterns in bio factories, producing, in a controlled way, certain species of insects which are also used in the biological control, sustainable over time, respectful to the environment and without exposing people to risks and toxic plants.

In the Insecta´s customer portfolio, one can find the RBO Editors group, which content and material are designed for different collections that show life and characteristics of the most important insects of the country.

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