One of the pillars of the Novasoft’s Business Model and Culture are the Value Links. These value links surround the company, complementing and amplifying the available resources. Specifically referring to our network of investee companies, we promote relationships in the same way that we generate mutual value. This way, the group’s diversification and growth is oriented towards the "investment" in a network of investee companies (start up, academic spin off...) in an appropriate framework in which Novasoft can practise, a real "Business Angels" task, and become a working partner for these companies later.

To support this diversification strategy, the following company was set up:

Novasoft Equity & Investment, S.L.

Partners and %: Novasoft Global Solution SL (100%)

Corporate Capital: 200.000 €

Corporate Purpose: This Company’s main purpose is to acquire interests in the tech companies’ capital with the purpose of promoting the development of Research, Development and Innovation projects and to support projects in their start up.

The Company will be able to provide participative loans and other forms of financing for the development of its corporate purpose. In the case of other forms of financing, this will only be available for investee companies. The Company will also be able to offer assessment and support activities.

Currently, the network of Novasoft’s investee companies consists of the following companies:





Shareholder Structure:

  • 70% Novasoft Equity & Investment, S.L.



The company provides services for other companies, public and private related to:

  • Analysis, design and implementation of information and database systems using requirements, Software Engineering and cooperative systems analysis methodologies.
  • Technological consulting and system plans.
  • Design and instruction in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, on-site, remote or mixed.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 25% Novasoft Equity & Investment, S.L
  • University of Málaga Professors: 10% D. Antonio Jesús Guevara Plaza; 10% D. Andrés Aguayo Maldonado; 10% D. Manuel Enciso García Oliveros; 10% D. Carlos Rossi Jiménez; 10% D. Sergio Gálvez Rojas; 10% D. José Luis Caro Herrero.
  • University of Málaga Students: 7,5% Dª Laura Puerto Aguilera; 7,5% D. Adis Ferusic.



The company provides services for other companies, public and private related to:

  • Consulting and research addressed to the probability of success’ improvement of Innovation Projects, and R&D+i in corporations.
  • Technological assessment studies at both the individual and corporate level.
  • Customized studies and strategies, particularly studies and market research related to ITCs.
  • Online development of tools for surveys.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 40% Novasoft Equity & Investment, SL.
  • University of Málaga Professors: 10% D. Antonio Padilla Meléndez; 10% Dª. Ana Rosa del Águila Obra; 10% Dª. Aurora Garrido Moreno; 10% Dª. Isabel Coronado Maldonado.
  • University of Málaga Students: 10% Dª. Irene Villegas; 10% D. Rafael Jiménez Espejo.


This project is focused on the creation of an international and residential training centre. This institution is being designed with high value characteristics, such as: project, methodology, size, family atmosphere and welcoming, full boarding, customer service and many other features. It will, therefore, engage in all kind of training activities.

Therefore be devoted to teaching activities in all its forms and degrees, whether any formal education as any activity directly related to teaching.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 69,7%  Novasoft Global Solution SL
  • 19,17% Novasoft TIC
  • 5,13% Novasoft Wifi SL
  • 3,80% Novasoft Soluciones SL
  • 1,09 Softfood SL
  • 1,07% Novasoft Equity SL



Novaschool Añoreta School SL is a private centre under the Organic Law 8/1985, of the 3rd of July, that governs the Right to Education. It instructs the levels of early education, primary, secondary and baccalaureate. The education program in this school provides the students with personalized attention, and it favours the person’s integral development, as well as tolerance, solidarity and team work, and it is mainly based on: languages, computer science, artistic and musical education, physical education, supplementary activities, educational assistance and technical/scientific education.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 70% High School Performance Novaschool, SL
  • 30% Private Shareholders
Novaschool Sunland



Sunland International School is a private school founded with some british traditions that provide a starting point for the curriculum that is taught. The language of instruction is snglish although spanish is taught in all courses according to the rules of foreign schools of Spanish Ministry of Education. The school is located in a safe and more spacious 40,000 square meters northwest of Malaga, with excellent facilities and amid the Guadalhorce Valley.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 80% High School Performance Novaschool, SL
  • 20% Private Shareholders


The Innovation Center for Multimedia and Animation, SL is a company formed by the University of Cordoba with the participation of different companies including Novasoft, and is designed for the advice, training, research, design, development and implementation of IT projects, telematics, multimedia and related technologies.

Shareholder Structure:

  • 23,98% Novasoft Equity Investment, SL.

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