Board of Directors


The highest governing body of the Company is the Novasoft Corporación S.L.’s Board of Directors, where all critical decisions related to the group are made. The strategic formulation is its main responsibility and task. The majority shareholders decided, since the start up of the group, to incorporate independent councillors to this vital body, who can guarantee the general interests of Novasoft.


N º of Counselors: 6

Internal executive councillors:

  • Mr. Francisco Jose Barrionuevo Canto (CEO and Managing Director).
  • Mr. Juan Fajardo Navarro (Vicepresident).

External dominical councillors:

  • Mr. Rafael Pérez Rodríguez in representation of Mediterranean Capital Desarrollo S.L (Member).
  • Mr. Francisco José Barrionuevo Canto in representation of  European Technologucally Investement S.L. (Member).
  • Mr. Juan Fajardo Navarro in representation of Portafolio de Inversiones Tecnológicas S.L. (Member).
  • Mr. Rafael Pozo Barahona in representation of  Unicaja (Member).

External independent councillor:

  • Mr. Josep Santacreu (Member).

Council secretary:

  • Mr. José Antonio Fernández Ramírez.

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