What is our business?

Preferably ICT services: software development to demand, implementation of the suite of available applications in the form of open source code, value consulting and technological processes and BPO-Business Process Outsourcing of our customers (CAU, Contact Center, hosting, housing, etc…), to provide wireless communications services and new activities in the renewable energy sectors (design and management of photovoltaic installations), formal education and ecological restoration.


Mainly, offering our skills and expertise in global market solutions in high-value ICT services, strategic consulting and processes, not forgetting importance to penetrate new sectors and markets where we can bring an element of competitiveness, innovation and / or technology.

All this takes into account the following fundamental premises:

Customer satisfaction and purchase repetition (loyalty).

Processes through the implementation of continuous improvement methodology and business excellence model (EFQM)

Results in growing but fairly and equitably balancing the interests and expectations of all our stakeholders.

Sustainability in the economic vector and social responsibility through the deployment of policies based on the principles of CSR.

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