Key Strategies


NOVASOFT has developed certain key strategies that have made possible the continuous growth of the organisation and the consolidation of the brand:

1. Continuous change / development. The competitive advantages will not stay if they do not develop according to the changes of our environment.

2. Continuous improvement and Excellence.

3. Leadership. Novasoft has a leadership team that acts like a dynamo. It generates enthusiasm and commitment towards the objectives, strategies and goals of the organisation.

4. Policy of loyalty to HR based on the belief in people’s talent. This strategy makes the human team a key piece and the main generator of competitive advantages in every area.

5. Alliances – Competitive Cooperation.

6. Internationalism. The markets expansion enables us to gain heterogeneous clients. Our experience in International Projects makes us improve our products and services systematically.

7. Communication as a means.

8. Growing, growing and growing. The company growth should aim to obtain the Minimum Effective Size (TME) which will allow us to keep a competitive position in the market.

9. Self finance. Continuous reinvestment of the business benefits.

10. Continuous Innovation and permanent.

11. Social value through actions that improve our environment.

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