Business Policy


Novasoft offers comprehensive solutions in Information Technologies, design, development and establishment of applications, technology, quality and environment consultancy, training in all technological and consultancy areas to respond to every challenge and need faced by our clients.
This requires a clear orientation of the Organisation towards four key factors:

  1. Orientation towards our Clients: gaining the satisfaction of our clients and their loyalty.
  2. Orientation towards the processes: through a systematic management of the processes.
  3. Orientation towards the results: searching for the balance between all the interested parties.
  4. Orientation towards the protection of the environment: taking the necessary actions within our systematic manner of proceeding.

With regard to the above key factors and to guarantee that they are executed, our organisation establishes the following principles and strategic values: 

  1. Leadership: The board of directors of the organisation develops, promotes and encourages with their behaviour the achievement  of excellence and the fulfilment of all our clients and legal requirements. They also aim at complying with the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 regulations.
  2. People: The development and involvement of people are essential to fulfil our objectives.
  3. Alliances: The collaboration with our main suppliers and clients through alliances that create value.
  4. An Ongoing Improvement: through the establishment of Integrated Management Systems, environment and Total Quality implementing the application of the EFQM Model of Excellence and the execution of their objectives.

We are aware at Novasoft that our Organisation forms part of a Community, this implies an impact of our activities and therefore a social responsibility that we assume through:

  1. An adequate Management of the Environment.
  2. Participation and integration: participating in social activities for the community and collaborating with the interested administrations and agencies.

Therefore, we commit ourselves to:

  1. Evaluate and learn the environmental impacts arose from our activities and we would consequently proceed efficiently.
  2. Comply with the legislation that applies to us and try to fulfil all the established requirements.
  3. Promote a minimum use of energy, water and paper with the aim to grow in a sustainable way.
  4. A proper management of the waste produced in our offices, following recycling and disposal good practices.
  5. A regular review of the established Comprehensive Management System.

    Signed: Francisco Barrionuevo Canto, Novasoft CEO. February 2005.


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