Business Model


The Novasoft Business Model lies on four essential bases:

Client/market Interaction

Novasoft has established an interaction format with the vast majority of our clients that goes beyond the simple commercial transaction. We have set up agreements of collaboration with our clients with the aim to undertake I+D+i programmes to develop new products in their facilities, and with multidisciplinary teams from both entities.

These active policies addressed to our clients have as a result a greater involvement and motivation. It also ensures the development of a portfolio of products and services based in the real needs of our current and potential market.


They are the fundamental support for the archivement of overall objectives, in addition to the survival of the Model / Novasoft enterprise culture.

  • Permanent change / Evolution 
  • Continuous Improvement / Excellence 
  • Leadership / Empowerment 
  • Betting on talent 
  • Partnerships - Competitive coorperation 
  • Communications as a Vehicle 
  • Growing, growing, growing 
  • Innovation 
  • Internationalization 
  • Social value creation 

Links of value

Our organisation establishes links of value that complement and broaden the available resources. Many of these resources are out of our control, for instance, the suppliers, the creditors, and the competitors/allies. These links of value with our public have helped us to transform temporary interactions into solid relationships based on the level of satisfaction and trust they have in our organisation.

Strategic Resources

 The strategic assets and the key processes form the strategic resources of our organisation. 

  • Strategic assets                                                                                                                                                                                    Brands, patents, intellectual ownership, information of the clients and market, the gathered knowledge of the organisation in different sectors, the innovative processes, amongst others, are the strategic assets of our organisation. These assets, in constant development, lead us to new clients and new areas of business activity.
  • Key processers                                                                                                                                                                                    The key processes are those relevant processes that have a significant influence in the strategic objectives and are critical for the success of the business. NOVASOFT key processes are the activities undertaken by our professionals, independently of their position and/or their level of responsibility.

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